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Muse have sure come a long way since supporting Skunk Anansie on tour in 1998. 7 highly successful Studio Albums, and six major tours later; the boys from Devon have become one of the biggest bands in the world.

Their big break came in 1999, when having signed a deal with US label Maverick records, Muse recorded their hit first album 'Showbiz'. The albums lyrics centred around relationship struggles, and the difficulties of being successful in a small town. These themes seemed to connect with a wide audience, as did their aggressive, yet melodic style. Muse, now had a fan base, and the pressure was on to follow up this success, with new music. Their second studio album 'The Origins of Symmetry' was released to rave reviews in 2001.

With hit singles, a ground-breaking cover of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good', and a Live Dvd ' Hullabaloo'; Muse became a household name for the first time. It wasn't however until their third album, 'Absolution' that we really saw the band settle on a style, and become the world superstars we know today. Singles like 'Hysteria' and 'Sing for Absolution' charted worldwide, an impressive Glastonbury set, which won them for Brit award for 'Best Live Act', and a huge world tour in 2005, guaranteed Muse a place among the music elite.

After Transferring to Warner Bros in late 2005, because Maverick Records thought lead singer Matt Bellamy's voice was unfit for US radio, a further 4 studio albums would follow. Their 2006 album 'Black Holes and Revelations' featuring the now famous single 'Knights of Cydonia', went top ten, all over the world, and would see Muse, start a touring schedule, that has remained practically unbroken to this day. The schedule included 2 years worth of dates, on 5 continents, between 2006 and 2008.

This was quickly, followed up by another world tour between 2009 and 2011, to promote their fifth studio album, 2009's Resistance. Less than a year after completing this, the band where on the road again from 2012 to 2014, promoting their sixth album 'The 2nd Law. By this time Muse where the biggest touring band in the world. During this heavy touring schedule, more single success marked Muse out as a commercial powerhouse 'Uprising' and 'Undisclosed Desires' in 2009, sold well, scoring the band hits in America and Europe. The 2010 single ' Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever' featured on the soundtrack for the Movie 'Twilight Eclipse', and 2012 single 'Madness' became their biggest international hit yet, reaching number 1 on the US Alternative Rock Chart.

In 2015 we saw Muse release their brand new 7th album album Drones, and embark on another word tour, which will continue throughout 2017. Expect more hits and more epic live performances as the boys from Devon light up stages across the globe with their Muse tour in 2020. Don't delay - buy your Muse tickets for the tour dates 2020now!